ERC Advanced Grant goes to neuroscientist Nick Ramsey

Nick Ramsey, Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht will receive a prestigious ERC Advanced grant of 2.5 million euro. With his project iCONNECT: Intracranial COnnection with Neural Networks for Enabling Communication, Ramsey aims to give severely paralyzed people the means to communicate by merely imagining to talk or make hand gestures.


Ramsey wants to develop a Brain Computer Interface system that can interpret activity patterns on the surface of the brain in real-time, with the use of state of the art techniques (7 Tesla MRI and electrocorticography, ECoG) to explore brain codes and develop decoding strategies. Interactions between user and implanted device will be studied in paralyzed people.

This research is only possible because of the latest developments in imaging of human brain activity, machine learning techniques, and micro systems technology. Ramsey’s lab is unique in bringing together all these techniques. Success of the project will lead to deeper understanding of how sensorimotor functions are represented in the human brain. The ability to ‘read’ the brain will add a new dimension to the field of neural prosthetics.

ERC Advanced Grant
The EU awards these substantial ERC grants to fund groundbreaking research by excellent scientists. The grants are personal and designed for exceptional researchers who are leaders in their field.

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